SAYTEKS which made its principle to provide textiles industry with products in international standards successfully maintains its services as one of the most powerful organizations in the industry since 1980. Industry’s reeds and lancet requirements are manufactured at Istanbul facilities by use of state of art technological equipment by the personnel who are experts at their respective fields.

SAYTEKS which provides textiles industry with any kind of carpets, blankets, velvet, towel, fabric weaving, narrow reeds and carpet and velvet lancets is aware of the value of its customers and the importance of the work it is engaged. Besides, AXIMINISTER machinery parts are produced on demand and requirements of the customers.

SAYTEKS grants high quality and timely manufacturing service in order to make customer trust permanent.

SAYTEKS products are reliably used in Turkey and the World by textile companies and exports are shipped to twenty countries as a result of the trust it built so far.